Thank you for your interest in writing for University of Rock! Writing articles is a great way for UROCK Instructors to contribute to the UROCK brand by writing content that will educate and empower musicians from all across the globe. Not only is writing a great creative outlet, it is also a great way for Instructors to receive extra compensation and gain exposure as an Instructor in the company. We currently pay out $10 per article that gets published on our website.

Please adhere to the following guidelines to make sure your article gets published.


We currently only accept articles about the following topics: guitar, piano, singing, and drums. Articles should contain valuable tips and information that directly benefits our readers. Your style and tone of writing should reflect positive energy, enthusiasm, and encourage readers to sign up for our private lessons. Please keep in mind that your target audience you are writing for are parents and students and not anyone else.

Sample Topics:

  • The 4 Most Popular Chords For Acoustic Guitar
  • Why You Should Start Out On Acoustic Guitar Vs Electric Guitar
  • 3 Easy Rock Songs To Play On The Guitar
  • 5 Tips For Beginner Piano Students
  • 7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Guitar Lessons
  • 3 Ways To Develop Confidence As A Singer
  • A Simple Way To Develop Your Lead Guitar Skills
  • Etc

Tip: Top 3, 5, 7, 10 lists work great. Try to write 50% top 3, 5 etc lists and 50% non top 3, 5 etc list topics.


  • Write to an audience of prospective students, parents, and families. Remember, the main purpose of the article is to educate the reader and provide him/her with valuable content. Let your personality shine through and keep your target audience in mind.
  • Provide valuable content. You are the expert here! Imagine yourself as an aspiring guitarist, pianist, singer, or drummer and think about all the things you have questions or are curious about and write about it. Share your best tips and even include step by step instructions when needed.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and your content organized. Everyone has ADD these days so make sure to separate your paragraphs often (good rule of thumb is 2-5 sentences per paragraph). Also, make sure the body of your content is easy to read and organized with clear subheadings and bullet points when needed.
  • Get bold and creative with your topics, and latch onto popular trends/celebrities. For example, write about "How You Can Play Guitar Like Jimmy Page" or "How To Drum Like Travis Barker" etc.
  • Don't be afraid to be fun/controversial/edgy. For example you can write about, "10 Reasons Why Musicians Are So Attractive", "How To Serenade A Girl Properly On Guitar", or "Why Rockstars Will Always Be Cooler Than Justin Bieber", etc. Get creative!
  • Make it conversational and easy to digest. Good rule of thumb is pretend you're writing for an 8th grader.
  • Have a strong intro and conclusion. Your intro should be strong enough to hook the readers attention and your conclusion should bring all the points together and end on a bang. Your article should always follow the same format: intro, body, conclusion.
  • Add pictures, videos, etc (when needed). For example, if you're discussing guitar chords, provide visuals of the chords. Or if you're writing about how to play guitar like Jimmy Page, add a video or two of Jimmy rockin' out on Youtube. Please remember to cite the source if you're taking pictures from another website.

*IMPORTANT- Your article should be a minimum of 500 words and at the maximum 800 words.

**TIP- Check out for inspiration. They are masters at writing fun, easy-to-digest, popular content.


Personal information such as email addresses, last names, and personal websites are not permitted.

Once your article is submitted, our editorial team will review your article and get back to you within 3 business days. We reserve the right to edit pieces of your article if needed (styling, punctuation, grammar, etc). If we need further edits from you, you will be notified and the article may or may not be published depending on how much editing is needed. Good tip is to make sure your articles are professional in content, grammar, and formatting.

If your article is published, you will receive compensation on that article ($10 per published article- included on your next month's pay).

Once your article is published, we will send you the link to the article so you can promote it via your social media channels if you choose. We encourage this as it helps draw in potential students.

*Please note that you must be an instructor of a particular instrument to write an article about it. For example, if you only play and teach guitar, you should not be writing articles on drums.

**Currently we are accepting a maximum of 10 articles per calendar month per instructor. We may be upping this in the near future.

***You will only be paid on published articles. Adhere to the guidelines and your article will most likely be published!