We have 3 main goals for you as an Instructor at RockHome.

1. To make it as easy as possible for you to solely focus on what you love doing most- TEACHING.

2. To fill your schedule up with positive-minded students that are excited to learn.

3. To make sure you are financially rewarded for your talent.

Although we have multiple ways on how we market for students. One extremely easy way for our Instructors to get additional students with very little effort and time involved is to post regularly on Craigslist. By leveraging the RockHome brand and posting on Craigslist on a regular basis, you can be well on your way to maximizing your student roster.

*Posting on Craigslist is easy, effective, and is guaranteed to accelerate your rate in getting new students.

**Please note that if you try to use our templates and the information below in any way to solicit and sign up your own students, it will result in a breach of contract as well as a possible lawsuit. Not to mention termination of your current contract in RockHome as well as the loss of your current RockHome students.


1. Sign up for a Craigslist account here. You will use this account to repost and keep track of the ads you've posted.

2. Once you're logged in, visit the Craigslist home page and click on your city's page on the right sidebar.

3. Once you're on your city's page, click on the "Lessons" tab under the "Services" category in the middle column. 

4. Once you've clicked on the Lessons tab, click on "Post" on the top right of the page. It should then take you to a "what type of posting is this" page, click on "service offered".

 5. Click on "lessons & tutoring".

6. By now you should be on the actual page where you will post your ad. From here, start by selecting "no replies to this email" in the top box. This is to ensure you won't receive any spam to your personal address. Potential students will be directed to call or email us to setup their lessons with you. 

7. Here, you will create your title and body of your post as well as enter in your location and zip code. We've created a standard template for all our instructors to use for the body of the post. Please copy and paste and add in the specific information where needed.


Hi! My name is (your first name only) and I am a (instrument) Instructor for RockHome Lessons in the (your city) area. If you're looking for a positive, upbeat Instructor who works great with kids, I would love to help you out. My goal with (instrument) lessons are to get you playing what you want in the fastest time possible while keeping lessons organized, engaging, and most importantly FUN.

I've been teaching for (#) years and absolutely love what I do. My background in music includes: (brag about yourself here- list your credentials, education background, accomplishments, etc).

I teach all my (instrument) lessons in the comfort and convenience of your own home, which ultimately saves you time and energy compared to you taking your kids to a music school every week, all at a competitive/affordable rate.

Lastly, I do a FREE 30 minute trial lesson for all my students to make sure you're 110% happy before you commit to lessons.

To schedule a trial lesson with me, please visit or call 888-321-8762.

I look forward to rockin' out with you!

*NOTE- If you teach multiple instruments, instead of inputting all your instruments in one post, please separate them out so you have a separate post for each instrument.


What you want to put for the title of your post is completely up to you. Make sure the title is engaging and speaks directly to your potential students. Some sample titles could be:

"Private Guitar Lessons That Will Get You Rockin' In No Time!"

"Guitar Lessons That Are Personalized, Engaging, And Fun!"

"Fun Piano Lessons From A Music Major At (your college name)"

"Rockstar Drum Lessons From A Rockstar Musician"

*IMPORTANT- Always have "(instrument) lessons" in your title and make sure to capitalize the first word. We would personally recommend capitalizing every word in the title as it generally looks more professional.

*TIP- Use keywords such as "kids", "fun", and "personalized" to make your ad stand out more. Never, ever, EVER put something boring like "Private Guitar Lessons" as your title. Get creative!


In the locations box, put the city or cities that you teach in. Always include at least one major city and try to avoid small neighborhoods.

For the postal code, simply put in your current zip code.


Everything else should be left blank. The only boxes with information should be the title, body, location, and postal code. The "show on maps" should be left unchecked.

*IMPORTANT- Please remember to click "no replies to this email" at the top box to avoid spam and breach of contract.

8. When you're finished entering everything, click on "continue" at the bottom right. You should then be taken to a pictures page where we highly recommend you upload 2-3 photos of yourself with your students. Adding photos will make you look more professionally and ultimately help you get more students. 

If you do not currently have photos of you with your students, upload a few pictures of yourself in teaching or performing environments. Once you get pictures with your students, you can go back into the post and replace the pictures with the new ones.

9. Preview your post and click "Publish". Craigslist may ask you for a valid phone number at this point in which you would enter your number and then the confirmation code to finalize your post.

10. Once you've completed these steps, Craigslist will email you a link to your published post. Please note that ads automatically expire after 7 days. If your ad expires, you can simply log in and click repost under the "My Account" tab on the top left of the homepage. 

*VERY EFFECTIVE- We highly recommend "Renewing" your posts every 2-3 days. You can do this by logging into Craigslist and clicking on the "My Account" tab on the top left of the page. Renewing your posts is the easiest and most effective way to repost your ad with one simple click.

This moves your ad to the top of the search results and will accelerate the amount of students you will get. You can renew posts every 48 hours. We recommend renewing at the very least 2x per week. 3x per week is ideal (ex: every Sunday, Tues, Fri).

**BEST TIME TO POST- The best time to post or renew ads are in the morning on weekends and at around 5-6pm on weekdays.


If you teach multiple instruments, let's say you teach guitar, bass, and drums. Simply create a post for each of those instruments and post them all at the same time with different headlines. Once they're posted, you can easily renew all 3 of these posts every 2-3 days.