We here at RockHome are on a mission. We not only want to teach students how to be Rockstars in music, but we want to teach them how to be Rockstars in LIFE. 

You see, it's not just about the music for us. It's about using the power of music to build quality traits within our students. Here are some great benefits to taking guitar lessons at an early age: 


• BETTER IN SCHOOL- Studies have shown that kids learning music tend to score higher in standardized tests (i.e. SAT's) and achieve better grades. Studies also show that learning music reduces the chance of kids dropping out of school. 
• DISCIPLINE- Because of the transparency of mistakes made in music, students more quickly learn the concept of having to work hard in order to achieve a good performance. 
• TEAMWORK- Jamming with other musicians is a team sport. In order to put on a great show, students must be able to work as a cohesive team both on and off stage. 
• CONFIDENCE- Music helps with self-expression. When kids learn to express themselves they start to find their identity which ultimately leads to more confidence. 
• SOCIAL SKILLS- Music requires that students communicate their ideas to their instructors and bandmates on an ongoing basis. This is especially true in a band setting. 
• OPEN-MINDEDNESS- Since music is universal it helps kids relate and open their mind to other cultures and ethnicities. 

For all the parents out there, we support what you're trying to build in your children. Learning how to play guitar is not only fun and exciting but can serve as an excellent vehicle to improve your child's life. 

Putting my son in RockHome Lessons has not only developed him into a Rockstar musician but has increased his overall level of confidence and discipline.
— Benedicte G.



Guitar lessons take place in the comfort and convenience of your own home! Don't stress over driving all the way to a music school, waiting for your kid's lesson to be done, and picking your kid up afterwards. We save parents on average 75-90 minutes of wait/drive time per week!


We are proud to say we have one of the most effective/structured ways of teaching out there for kids. Our ROCK Curriculum is designed to ACCELERATE/MAXIMIZE our students learning curve, saving you time, energy, and money!


Unlike most private teaching companies and instructors, we actually have performance programs where students get to perform in front of a live audience. From our intimate In-Home Mini Concerts to our seasonal Rock Camps and recital based RockShow, our performance programs were created to give students a chance to showcase their Rockstar skills in front of their friends and family.


Our guitar lessons are competitively priced in that we are actually a bit more affordable than if you were to take lessons at a physical music school. Not to mention all the time you would have to spend to drive your kid there, wait for them to be done, and drive back home.


We are extremely picky with who we work with to make sure our Instructors match our company culture and vision. Our Instructors are young/hip, industry professionals who know how to ROCK! All our Instructors are put through background checks and trained fully in our ROCK Curriculum to help students reach their goals in the fastest time possible while having a positive, Rockstar learning experience.


We have had countless testimonials from satisfied parents over the years and have had parents and students say they've learned more in one month of lessons with us than 2-3 months of lessons with other instructors/companies. Check out the testimonials below!


We want to make sure we are an excellent fit before you spend a single dime on us. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. 


Our son was a beginner when he started at RockHome and has since gone on to become a confident Rockstar! He’s grown so much in the past year both musically and in other areas of his life. We can’t think of a better program than RockHome that helps kids with music and morale.
— Mark and Cecile G.


Generally, after just a month of lessons, our students: 

• Learn how to play one or two of their favorite songs on the guitar. 
• Are able to read basic tablature and notation. 
• Learn the fundamentals of music and guitar. 
• Have confidence in their instrument. 
• Are happier, more fulfilled individuals!

In a years worth of lessons my son has progressed to a level where he is now wanting to perform on a regular basis. My son now gives me the wow-factor! The RockHome program has been a total transformation for him.
— Heidi H.


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