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JK Lecture Series (La Sierra University Recap)

Jon Kim

I was invited recently to give an hour lecture to the business class at La Sierra University. Despite being rushed on time due to traffic (I learned that to get to Riverside from Los Angeles, I should leave at least 4 hours early next time- LA traffic can be crazy unpredictable!) the lecture overall went smooth and I had a ton of fun.

I got to speak on how I grew UNIVERSITY of ROCK on a limited budget with no investors, capital, or partners using strategic marketing, branding, and sales techniques as well as unconventional advertising. Although I have given lectures in the past, this was my first lecture to a business class on a university level. It was different but I enjoyed it because I got to go into very specific details on what I did to grow my business.

The coolest and most rewarding part of this whole experience was hearing about the strategies some of the students took away to use in their own business and life after hearing my story. Helping someone better their life or career is fulfilling on so many levels. That being said, I can't wait to do this again.

Til next time!

- JK

ps: I promise I am going to start blogging more... check out the pics below!

pps: If your school is looking for a speaker to speak on- high school (motivation, leadership, business/money management) college (entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, sales) check out my lecture series HERE.