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JK Lecture Series (La Sierra University Recap)

Jon Kim

I was invited again to give another lecture at La Sierra University this past week. I spoke here last year and had an absolute blast. This time around I got to speak in their new business building (building looks insanely cool- supposedly this guy donated like 15 MILLION dollars to getting the building developed- mad props to you sir!).

When I gave my lecture last year, I went into how I grew UROCK on a limited budget using non-traditional advertising and branding strategies that require no money. This time I felt the lecture had a lot more structure and I was able to convey my business ideas much clearer. UROCK has evolved and matured so much since last year and it was great to talk about that as well.

Some of the topics I went into were:

  • How my parents tried to bribe me with Pokemon cards and video games to get better grades
  • How I went from being super shy to developing business leadership and people skills
  • How I grew UROCK with less than $300 the first year of business
  • How I leveraged brand credibility and stood out from my competitors in a way that made people want to buy from me
  • How I practically stole students from our biggest competitor (ethically of course- students were calling me and switching over to our program)
  • How I grew UROCK into a 6 figure a year business in under 2 years since going full time in 2011 all with no money spent on advertising
  • How I was able to grow strictly via word of mouth by creating unique experiences for our customers

Overall I was super happy with the turnout of this lecture and felt way better with the content I presented compared to last time. The best part of this whole thing was of course hearing from students afterwards about how the UROCK story inspired them to start or grow their own business. Motivating and inspiring people (especially young college kids) to start their own business and take control of their life is seriously one of the best feelings in the world.

Some of the feedback I got:

“As an academic advisor I work here with a lot of students and a lot of them are kind of fearful of chasing after their dreams or their parents sort of overburden them on what they should do with their lives or many of them are uncertain of what they want to do. I think what Jon presents is a very tangible way for students to get involved with their passions and be able to live it out very methodically and I think he’s able to relate to many of the students due to the fact that he’s young and started at their age. As an advisor I found Jon’s lecture very valuable in that it provided really good insight for all the students here.”- Ricky K. (Academic Advisor at La Sierra University)

“Jon Kim really paints a picture of how success is accessible for the average individual.”- Joe R. (Student at La Sierra University)

“Jon really surprised me with his whole story. It was fascinating to hear how he started his company on his own from the ground up with limited resources. I was really impressed, especially with his marketing tactics because he basically uses no money to draw people into his business.”- Joni D. (Marketing Student at La Sierra University)

“I just want to say that this is one of the best business lectures that we’ve ever had.”- Paul S. (Student at La Sierra University)

Check out some of the pics below!