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Packages And Rates

Compare our different lesson packages.


Our Monthly Package is for students that want to test the waters before they commit to lessons.

Lessons are billed on a monthly basis for 4 lessons a month (will be billed for 5 lessons on 5 week months) and allow you to take lessons on a month to month basis.

Our Monthly Package rates are our normal rates with no discount unlike our annual and quarterly packages.


Our Quarterly Package is for students that are a little more serious about lessons. Even if they are not as serious, we’ve found that by doing the quarterly package students end up taking lessons more seriously and in general practice more.

Our Quarterly Package signs you up for 12 lessons (3 months) up front and gets you a FREE lesson as an incentive so essentially you get 13 lessons for the price of 12. This ends up making each lesson about $4-6 less than our monthly lesson rate.


Our Annual Package is for anyone who is serious about taking their playing to the next level. Not only do students get to develop a lasting friendship with their instructor but we’ve found that students who commit annually progress the quickest and develop key life skills such as confidence, teamwork, character, and discipline on a different level than our quarterly/monthly students.

We’ve also found that students that commit to an annual package get the most out of lessons in terms of progress and the value they get. It usually takes around 9 months for students to see real progress and get to a level where the “real fun” begins to start. Committing to our Annual Package gives us enough time to train students into becoming true Rockstars. For Rockstars only!

Our Annual Package is billed on a monthly basis and signs you up for 48 lessons (12 months). As an incentive you get a whole FREE month of lessons (4 lessons). That’s 13 months of lessons for the price of 12!

*Exclusive Offer- Pay for our Annual Package up front and save $100 instantly!

Not only does our Annual Package include a FREE month of lessons but our annual students get hundreds of dollars worth of FREE bonuses not available to any other package. Our Annual students are treated like VIP Rockstars!

Check out the chart below to see a full side by side comparison.



Our pricing is extremely competitive in that we charge around the same price as most "physical" music schools. The biggest benefit to our program is that we come to you for lessons. This makes it super comfortable/convenient for students- especially parents since they don't have to drive their kid to a school, wait for his lesson to be over, then drive him all the way back home!

*Since our rates vary from city to city, please call us at 888-321-8762 to get a quote for your area.