RockBand is an after school music enrichment program that focuses on teaching students contemporary music in a fun, productive, and positive environment. Students will get a weekly 60 minute group lesson in their instrument of choice (guitar, bass, or drums) as well as a 60 minute band rehearsal (last week of each month) to prepare for the RockBand ShowCase at the end of the term.


RockBand is held on-site at school facilities throughout select schools in America. Music classes and band rehearsals will be held in selected classrooms in each school.

RockBand music classes are held once a week (days and times vary for each school) during after school hours (generally 3:30-4:30pm).

*Spring quarter classes start January 2015. Dates TBA.


It is a proven fact that kids involved in music programs do better in school and develop higher levels of focus, discipline, teamwork, and confidence. Unfortunately with the cut back on music programs within the public education system, many kid’s do not have access to quality music programs after school, especially music programs that focus on contemporary music and puts kids together in a live band setting.

After School RockBand


  • WEEKLY GROUP CLASSES- Learn with your friends and other musicians in a fun, high-energy group setting.
  • BAND REHEARSALS- Jam in a band setting once a month and take your stage and live performance skills to the next level.
  • YOUNG/HIP INSTRUCTORS- Our RockBand Instructors are young, industry professionals that know how to ROCK. Our Instructors are the best of the best and are put through our rigorous UROCK training program to help develop you into the Rockstar YOU aspire to become.
  • ROCKBAND SHOWCASE- At the end of the RockBand term, students will get to show off what they've learned in front of a live audience.
  • BENEFITS OUTSIDE OF MUSIC- Music can help you develop a sense of positive self-identity and is proven to make you more confident and disciplined. So not only are you learning how to be a Rockstar in music, we teach you how to have that Rockstar edge in your everyday life.
Playing with a live band is one of the funnest things I’ve ever done.
— Xavier C.


Our RockBand Curriculum has been meticulously thought out and designed to create the ultimate Rockstar learning experience for students. Designed for all skill levels (beginner-advanced), RockBand helps take each student's playing skills to the next level as well as helps them perform at their highest capacity on stage and in life. Our RockBand Curriculum teaches:

  • CONTEMPORARY SONGS: The core of our RockBand Curriculum focuses on the FUN STUFF... learning contemporary music! Songs are carefully selected each term to help take your playing and musical knowledge to the next level. Song selections can range from classic to modern rock, pop, funk, metal, all the way to modern dance music.
  • PROPER TECHNIQUE: Whether it's playing guitar with a certain feel, changing your fingering on a certain bass run, or learning how to do a certain drum fill correctly, our RockBand Instructors are there to help guide you every step of the way.
  • MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS + THEORY: Instead of focusing on teaching music theory on it's own, we let the songs do the teaching. The result? Music theory actually becomes more interesting and fun!
  • INCREASED MUSICAL REPERTOIRE: Aside from learning a bunch of awesome songs, we mix in: awesome guitar solo techniques, sweet guitar chord progressions, famous bass lines, killer drum fills, and popular drum beats to name a few. 
  • ROCKSTAR STAGE PERFORMANCE: One of the biggest benefits to RockBand is that you get to jam in an actual live band setting! Playing with a live band is said to be one of the FASTEST ways to grow as a musician. Not only do we help you take your playing skills to the next level, but we also help you take your STAGE skills to the next level. And trust us, there is nothing more exciting than jamming out with a live band!
RockBand is something me and all my musician friends WISHED we had in school.
— Jon Kim (Founder/CEO)


STUDENTS: We encourage you to talk to your parents about your interest in RockBand as they will most likely be the ones paying for it :) RockBand is a unique program that is not only fun but beneficial is so many ways. When talking to your parents, we recommend genuinely expressing your interest in RockBand and explaining why you want to be a part of it and how you think it will help you grow as a musician as well as a person.

PARENTS: Did you know that it's a proven fact that kid's enrolled in music programs do better in school and in life? We created RockBand to not only teach music in a Rockstar fashion, but also to teach key life skills such as confidence, discipline, focus, and teamwork. Rock music serves as a great medium to instill positive life skills that kids can carry out in school and in their everyday life!

Putting my son in the UNIVERSITY of ROCK program has not only developed him into a Rockstar musician but has increased his overall level of confidence and discipline.
— Benedicte G.


RockBand aims at providing a creative outlet for teenagers to learn and collaborate with other students that share a similar passion for music after school. Students will get to learn how to play music they enjoy, work with other students in a live band setting, and ultimately cultivate key life skills such as discipline, focus, teamwork, and confidence to help them in school and in other aspects of their life.

RockBand is more than just about learning music. Instead, it's a vehicle that uses the power of music to positively influence and instill key life skills such as confidence and a sense of identity within kids.


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Feel free to call us at 888-321-UROCK (8762) or email us at info@universityofrock.com

All inquiries will be answered within 1 business day.