Our back to back lessons are great for siblings or friends that want to take lessons back to back (ex: Billy has a private 45 minute after Sophia's 45 minute lesson). Back to back students benefit from personalized 1 on 1 instruction and qualify for our family discount of 10% off each lesson!

We've made it as easy as possible to become an official ROCKHOME student. Please follow the 3 simple steps below to get rockin today!


- Billed on a monthly basis

- 4 lessons per month/billed for 5 lessons on 5 week months

- No discounted rate unlike Quarterly/Sem/Annual

- Billed on a quarterly basis

- 12 lessons per quarter (12 weeks)

- Save 5% on entire package

- Most popular package!

- Billed on a semester basis

- 24 lessons per semester (24 weeks)

- Save 10% on entire package

- Billed on an annual basis

- 48 lessons per year (48 weeks)

- Save 15% on entire package

- Best value!

In a years worth of lessons, my son has progressed to a level where he is now wanting to perform on a regular basis. My son now gives me the wow-factor! RockHome has completely transformed him into a confident teenager. I plan on renewing our Annual Plan until he graduates high school.
— Heidi H.


- For ages 7 and under

- No savings unlike 45/60 min lessons


- For ages 7-10

- Save 5% compared to 30 min lessons

- Most popular!

- For ages 10 and up

- Save 14% compared to 30 min lessons

- Best value!

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Have further questions? Please email us at info@rockhomelessons.com