*Add a method of payment by clicking on the “Payment Methods” tab in your account.

*Add a method of payment by clicking on the “Payment Methods” tab in your account.


Before selecting your Lesson Package, please add a valid payment method to your account by logging into your student account below. If you already have a card on file from your Trial Lesson invoice, please disregard this step.

Once you login, click the "Payment Methods" tab to your right to add any debit or credit card. Please note that we cannot secure your lesson time slot until payment is collected.

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Our private 1 on 1 lesson is our most popular lesson package to date and offers highly personalized lessons that cater to the students specific goals and needs. Due to the focus and personal attention given in our 1 on 1 lessons, we’ve found that students progress at the fastest rate with individual lessons.


Forget about driving, sitting in traffic, and waiting on your kids lesson to be done. Instead, let us come to you! We charge around the same price as most physical music schools and save parents on average of 75-90 minutes a week. That's the RockHome way!


Drive in traffic all the way to a music store/school, wait 30-60 minutes for your kids lesson to be done, drive all the way back home in traffic again!

AdobeStock_114345281 copy.jpeg
RockHome makes it super convenient for me as a parent. I am very impressed with the RockHome program.
— Cecile G.

We've made it as easy as possible to become an official ROCKHOME student.




- Billed on a monthly basis

- 4 lessons per month/billed for 5 lessons on 5 week months

- No discounted rate unlike Quarterly/Sem/Annual


- Billed on a quarterly basis

- 12 lessons per quarter (12 weeks)

- Save 5% on entire package


- Billed on a semester basis

- 24 lessons per semester (24 weeks)

- Save 10% on entire package

- Most popular package!


- Billed on an annual basis

- 48 lessons per year (48 weeks)

- Save 15% on entire package

- Best value!

In a years worth of lessons, my son has progressed to a level where he is now wanting to perform on a regular basis. My son now gives me the wow-factor! RockHome has completely transformed him into a confident teenager. I plan on renewing our Annual Plan until he graduates high school.
— Heidi H.



- For ages 7 and under

- No savings unlike 45/60 min lessons


- For ages 7-10

- Save 11% compared to 30 min lessons

- Most popular!


- For ages 10 and up

- Save 22% compared to 30 min lessons

- Best value!


Q: How do I know what lesson package is right for me?

A: We generally recommend 30 minute lessons for ages 7 and under, 45 minutes for ages 7-10, and 60 minutes for ages 10 and up! If you are still unsure, 45 minutes is our most popular and recommended lesson time.

Q: How long do you recommend my child take lessons for?

A: For optimal results, we recommend taking lessons for at least one year. This generally gives us enough time to teach your child the fundamentals of music as well as develop a solid repertoire of songs.

More importantly, it allows enough time for your child to really reap the many benefits that music lessons has to offer such as: increased discipline, confidence, teamwork, and other key life skills that are beneficial to children. A majority of our students end up taking lessons past the year mark and many until they graduate high school.

Q: Can I upgrade to a longer lesson duration after I pay?

A: Yes, you may upgrade your lesson package whenever you wish. Ex: If you purchase a Quarterly package for 45 minute lessons and want to upgrade to a 60 min Semester package, you can do so by contacting us.

Q: How does your billing work?

A: Initial payment is processed at the time you submit your lesson package below. Monthly packages are pro-rated for the remainder of the current month. If you signup for a monthly after the 15th of the month, your first monthly payment will be pro-rated for the remainder of the current month plus the lessons the following month.

Our billing is then automatic and runs on the 1st of each month.

Monthly plans are processed on the 1st of each month for the upcoming lessons that calendar month. Quarterly/Semester/Annual plans renew on the 1st of whatever month your last lesson falls on.

Ex: If you purchased a Semester package (24 lessons) on January 1st, your Semester renewal would take place on June 1st assuming your last (24th) lesson falls in June.

*For our Quarterly/Semester/Annual plans, we will send you a reminder email notifying you of your upcoming renewal 5 days before your renewal date. Ex: If your Quarterly renewal is coming up on February 1st, we will send you a reminder email by January 26th.

Q: Do I have to use my lessons within a certain time frame?

A: There is no time for when you have to use your lessons by. We do however strongly recommend lessons at least once a week to maintain lesson effectiveness, consistency, and momentum.

Q: Are you flexible on makeups and cancellations?

A: Absolutely! Ex: If you missed a lesson in January and weren't able to make it up that month, we will simply credit you one lesson in February etc.

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

A: Yes, however we cannot refund you for lessons that have already been paid for. We can however issue a gift certificate which you can pass on to another friend or family member.

Q: Can I request a new teacher during my lessons?

If for any reason you feel like your current Instructor is not a good fit, we can set you up with a new instructor during your lesson package. If you feel your new teacher is not a good fit, we will not charge you for the initial lesson and find you a different Instructor.


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