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Check out what our students have to say about RockHome Lessons!

I’ve grown so much as a guitarist/songwriter through RockHome. Every lesson has pushed and inspired me to become a better musician and person. I can now play pretty much any song I want on the guitar and have already wrote an albums worth of original material. I would recommend RockHome to any aspiring musician.
— Sasha M.

RockHome is the coolest music school on the planet! I’ve only been taking lessons for 6 months and have already learned how to play a few of my favorite Beatles songs. The lessons combined with their RockShow concert and camps make it super fun!
— Joseph D.

I’ve been able to learn my favorite songs and perform them in front of big audiences.
— Michael F.

I’m so glad I found out about RockHome! Their guitar lessons are the best and everything I’ve been learning has been super fun. The ROCK Curriculum is awesome and makes it easier for me to follow along with everything I’m learning. In just a couple months I was able to learn the Million Dollar Chords and my favorite song from The Beatles. Thanks RockHome :)
— Eliott G.

The Instructors at RockHome are young, hip, and full of energy and passion. These guys are doing something truly unique and it’s affecting a lot of kids in a positive way. They make their students feel like Rockstars!
— Kimmarie J.

RockHome lessons makes it super convenient for me as a parent. I am very impressed with the RockHome program.
— Cecile G.