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The RockHome Vision

We here at RockHome are on a mission. We not only want to teach students how to be Rockstars in music, but we want to teach them how to be Rockstars in LIFE.


We here at ROCKHOME are on a mission. We not only want to teach students how to be Rockstars in music, but we want to teach them how to be Rockstars in LIFE.


You see, it’s not just about the music for us. It’s about using the power of music to build quality traits within our students. Here are some of the great benefits to learning music:

BETTER IN SCHOOL- Studies have shown that kids learning music tend to score higher in standardized tests (i.e. SAT’s) and achieve better grades. Studies also show that learning music reduces the chance of kids dropping out of school.
DISCIPLINE- Because of the transparency of mistakes made in music, students more quickly learn the concept of having to work hard in order to achieve a good performance.
TEAMWORK- Jamming with other musicians is a team sport. In order to put on a great show, students must be able to work as a cohesive team both on and off stage.
CONFIDENCE- Music helps with self-expression. When kids learn to express themselves they start to find their identity which ultimately leads to more confidence.
SOCIAL SKILLS- Music requires that students communicate their ideas to their instructors and bandmates on an ongoing basis. This is especially true in a band setting.
OPEN-MINDEDNESS- Since music is universal it helps kids relate and open their mind to other cultures and ethnicities.

When my son started lessons with RockHome, he was really excited. He looks forward to and loves his lessons every week and it’s starting to make the other parts in his life better and more disciplined. He’s developed a positive identity with music and it’s made him a more confident teenager.
— Benedicte G.

For all the parents out there, we support what you’re trying to build in your children. Learning music is not only fun and exciting but can serve as an excellent vehicle to improve your child’s life. 

Our most successful outcomes have come from students committing to lessons for a year or more.

To see how we can help your kid rock out in music and in life, book a trial lesson with one of our Instructors by clicking on the link below: