3 Things To Learn When Starting Guitar

Sometimes when people start an instrument, there are SO MANY things that can be taught, that can be learned, and that are possible. When I first picked up guitar, I wanted to learn bluesy licks, I wanted to rip it up on some rock solos, I wanted to play slow smooth jazz and serenade the girl I had a crush on.

Too bad none of those were what I learned first. If you start with something that’s too hard for your level, you will get irritated or angry. I wanted to write this article today to give you guys some things to learn on guitar in the beginning.


Chords are what make guitar fun! Everyone gets a kick out of strumming those chords in a cool way. Learning some common chords are what will help your playing in the beginning: C, G, D, E, Emin, A, Amin and D are probably the most common chords in songs. One of my guitar teachers told me “if you were stranded on an island with a guitar that you needed to play, these chords would be the ones you HAVE TO KNOW.” 

Don’t think for a second that it’s not okay to learn another chord outside of these! It’d be awesome if you learned B as well! Just know that these are the best and easiest chords to learn in the beginning.


A usual guitar teacher always tells you to learn those scales. I will agree with the teachers and will reiterate that you need to learn those scales! Some of the most important first ones being major scale, blues scale and the minor pentatonic. As cool and fun as these scales may sound at first, it doesn’t mean that they will remain that way forever. 

When you get those scales down (which won’t take too long), as your teacher to teach you a few cool licks off of those scales. It’s a nice way to practice those scales and learn some awesome melodies based off of them! 


It’s easy to learn simple song like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or something like that, but ask your teacher to teach you a song that you really like. Again, it’s a good idea to learn some of these introductory songs, but you’ll want to learn something that you think is awesome so you don’t start getting bored! 

Just know that some of the songs you might as to learn may be ones that are a little too hard for you right now. That’s okay! Just continue to practice and the songs that used to be hard will instantly become easier! You can always ask your teacher to show you something cool based on your level and interest!

Guitar is a fascinating, fun and awesome instrument. There are so many things you can do and learn with guitar, so check out these few things when you’re in the first stages of learning and you’ll be on your way to rockin’ it on guitar! 

Lorenzo H. is a RockHome Instructor that specializes in piano, guitar, and voice in Denver, CO. He is a performer and educator that is passionate about spreading awareness on all the positive benefits music has to offer. Lorenzo also contributes to the popular music blogmilehimusic.com.

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