3 Benefits To Learning A Real Instrument

Hey future Rockstar!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how beneficial it is to learn how to play a REAL instrument. With so many synthetic sounds in music today, it seems that real instruments, like the guitar, piano, and drums, can get lost in the fray of computerized sounds and sampled music.

Much of the music made with computers does not have a unique sound, and takes away from the individual way a human plays an instrument. Musical video games such as guitar hero also take away from the delicacy and artistry it takes to play a finely tuned instrument by making kids simply tap on buttons, never really teaching them how to play outside of the TV screen.

Here are 3 benefits of learning to play a real instrument:

Creativity and Improvisation – Kids grow up in an environment today where information is laid out before them through technology, educational video games, and text books. There are multiple studies proving that creativity is extremely beneficial in the learning process and stimulates the mind to think outside the box. Once kids learn the basic steps to jamming out on, let's say their guitar, they can learn to create and compose their own music, sometimes on the spot. By using improvisation and creativity in creating music, kids learn to think quicker on their feet rather than simply following universal directions or pounding on buttons to find out about the world.

Hand Eye Coordination and Brainpower – Not only do instruments like the guitar encourage creativity and improvisation on the right side of the brain, they can also to help it function more quickly and efficiently on the left side of the brain. Hand to eye coordination increases greatly as the student progresses, giving kids quicker reaction times, higher focus on problem solving and correction of mistakes, and a fun and stimulating way to work the “muscles” of the brain. Musicians have to be highly intelligent, and some of the most brilliant minds are those that involve themselves with music production and play.

Developing a sense of self, while still having fun – Kids grow up in a world where they are all taught the same things in the same ways, and have little say in what they learn up until college. By learning an instrument at a young age, it gives them something fun and stimulating to do, while giving them a sense of individuality in the sense that they can express themselves while “rocking out” to any song they choose to learn or create. No computerized sound compares to the twang of a real guitar or the deep thunder in hitting a drum. By giving them this chance at self expression and betterment of self, we can help kids create their own unique way of learning and progression, giving themselves a higher level of confidence and a stronger will to learn new things in their own ways.

In my opinion, these three things are vital skills to any child trying to grow up in a competitive world where life can be very tedious and monotonous. Music can relieve the stress of daily life and open kids up to succeed in a fun and stimulating way, allowing them to create their own path and realize a better understanding of themselves. Music is about movement and progression, which is exactly why learning a real instrument can give them the hands on experience needed in a fast-paced world. My advice? Rock on!

Simon N. is a RockHome Instructor that specializes in teaching guitar, bass guitar, and drums in Los Angeles, CA. Simon holds an associate degree in guitar performance from the world-renown Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA. He is currently involved in multiple rock based music projects in the Los Angeles area.

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