LA Summer RockCamp (Recap)

Fellow Rockstar humans and aliens.. we made RockHome history yet again this past week with the launch of our first ever RockCamp here in Los Angeles. The idea for our RockCamp came about in May of this year after we asked ourselves, “What is THE ONE program that could add the most amount value for our students in the shortest period of time?”. The idea was to bridge the gap between our in-home lessons and two concert programs (RockShow and In-Home Mini Concerts) with a total immersion camp that revolved around the idea of our students performing in a live band setting with other fellow students.

Our RockCamp started on Monday and ended with a mini-RockShow performance for friends and family Friday night. On Monday, the students came together to form a band as well as picked a setlist of popular rock songs to perform at the mini-RockShow at the end of the week. Throughout camp, students were given crash courses in music theory, rock n roll history, songwriting, stage presence and more with the main focus being on them playing in a live band setting. They were also given private/group lessons in their respective instruments to help prepare for the show.

Given that we weren’t able to get as many registrations as we’d hoped for since the idea for our summer camp came about in mid May (I guess parents start signing their kids up for camps starting Jan/Feb!), the camp was special in a sense that not only was it our first ever Rockstar Bootcamp, but the feel/energy of it was super comfortable. Not only did the kids all have a blast and get along great, but we were all able to bond and come together as a team to pull off these songs in time for the show. Learning 3 complete songs in one week with a full band proved to be a big challenge but we pulled it off!

The songs we learned and performed were:

21 Guns by Green Day

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

I Love Rock N’ Roll by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

All in all, the camp was a ton of fun and a huge success. What made all the pressure and challenges worth it was pulling off a successful Mini-RockShow concert at the end. Watching all the kids go crazy and rock out with their new stage moves for everyone was both entertaining and made the instructors feel proud of what we were able to accomplish that week.

That being said, we can’t wait to roll this baby out to all the other cities we’re in for the spring, summer, and winter. RockHome is undergoing some major improvements this year in terms of new programs and systems for how we run as a company and we can’t be more excited!

As for our next RockCamp, we will be holding Winter Camps for Los Angeles and Denver THIS December. For more information and to register, visit:

We are expecting our Winter Camps to be PACKED this time around given the proper timing so make sure you register SOON to secure your spot! Remember our camps are limited to 20 students MAX.