Los Angeles RockShow 2013 (Recap)

On June 2nd, RockHome hosted it’s 2nd annual RockShow here in Los Angeles. This marked our biggest event to date with over a hundred people in attendance. Before I write any further… I realize it’s already the 25th of June and the RockShow was over 3 weeks ago… Apologies on the delay as I realize I should have wrote this blog at least a few days after the show but I literally left to Denver within hours of the show ending that day and have had a pretty crazy schedule since (I will be blogging about my Denver experience within the next few days.). But that’s still no excuse :p

Anyways back to the RockShow. So yea… phew what a crazy couple months it’s been! I remember last year when we threw on our very first RockShow, how much prep went into that. Naturally I thought since we had already done a show last year that this year’s show would be less work but boy was I wrong!

Prepping for this year’s show was INTENSE. I don’t think I’ve ever been under so much pressure and stress in my entire life. I started preparing for the show back in late April of this year and everyday since then til the show was nonstop work- I’m talkin 12-14 hour workdays. Throwing on a big event is definitely a challenge since there are so many logistics involved from setting up rehearsals to making sure the students are ready, creating promo material, assembling a team (video, photo, mc, etc), ordering products on time, to about a dozen other things.

I think one of the biggest challenges was that I spent weeks revamping the whole RockHome brand. I wanted to get new logos for RockHome and wanted to get them done right. The challenge was that the new logos took way longer than expected and caused a major delay in ordering products for the show. This resulted in getting everything shipped overnight and last minute… super stressful! Luckily everything came just in time and we we’re able to throw on one heck of a show.

On to the actual show…

Hm where do I start… the show this year was INCREDIBLE. Like last year, we rented out the entire top floor of The Federal Bar in North Hollywood (absolutely LOVE this venue, if you’ve never been there, I would highly recommend it- amazing food/drinks, super modern/sleek place). The show was from noon-3pm and showcased 14 of our students in Los Angeles plus guest performances by myself and some of the other RockHome Instructors. If you’ve never heard of our RockShow before, we like to call it our “recital on steroids”. We basically go all out in making it The Ultimate Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Concert. We incorporate things like a red carpet photoshoot, an MC that looks like a character off Guitar Hero, a RockHome merch booth showcasing our products, and much more.

What really made the RockShow special this year were all the AMAZING performances we had by our students. We had double what we had last year in band performances and they all seriously ROCKED. The students rocked out to Twisted Sister, Joan Jett, The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. Everyone was super on point and their practice/preparation showed through their individual performances. Even the students that didn’t perform with a band but in a solo/duet setting were just as impressive. To name a couple students I was blown away by… Brando who is like 9 or 10 yrs old sang a pop/rock song while playing guitar and Christopher who is around 16 played and sang Hurt by Johnny Cash and made it sound almost identical to the actual song! I think everyone that went to the show would agree that all the performances were super impressive. So proud of all our students! 

Despite all the preparation involved, everyone had a BLAST this year and that’s all that matters. Also CBS was supposed to come out to the show, they were super excited and had it in their calendar and everything! But unfortunately they weren’t able to make it out due to a wildfire that day… So shoutout to CBS, we will be in touch here again soon 

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the official RockShow 2013 promo video as well as an exclusive Behind The Scenes video of the event. For the official RockShow 2013 pictures, you can check them out on our Facebook fanpage HERE.

I’ve posted some of the pictures below, enjoy!

- JK