McKinley Jogathon

Hellloooo world,

We recently sponsored (along with Coldstone Creamery, California Pizza Kitchen, Toyota to name a few) a jogathon at McKinley Elementary School in b-e-a-utiful Santa Monica, CA. For those of you that don't know what a jogathon is- it's basically a bunch of kids running around a field with their parents raising money for their school.

This was our 2nd time sponsoring McKinley and we had an absolute blast!

After the kids got done running, they all came over to where our booth was (there were 4-5 other companies there as well) and we got to talk to them about music and even got to play guitar for them live. It amazed me how many kids were interested in music lessons- out of all the kids we talked to I would say 90-95% said they were interested in learning how to play an instrument...! Wowza. Another thing too was that they were all like 7-10 years old... man I wish I would have started that young.

After talking to these kids and seeing their passion for music, it really hit me how important it is for instructors and music schools like us to introduce them to music in a FUN/positive way. When I took lessons at the age of 13, I quit with my first instructor in a matter of 2 weeks and can remember feeling discouraged because lessons were not what I had expected them to be. I thought I was going to learn fun punk rock songs all day but instead I was taught out of a classical guitar method book learning songs like Old Mcdonald and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Just the other day, I had a parent call in and tell me she had researched 5 music schools in her area and that our program appealed the most to her. I asked her why and she replied by saying how she related to the story as to WHY this school was founded- she had said her son had taken lessons with 2 instructors in the past year then went to explain why he quit lessons with both of them. The reason was that they were teaching out of an old school method and the kid wasn't having fun! I don't get it... music is supposed to be FUN and not some chore, right? I'm ranting here but it's because I'm just passionate for what we do as a company. I've heard this same story multiple, multiple, MULTIPLE times in the past years of growing this school and it is just an amazing feeling when parents tell me how our program has changed their kids life. Power of rock n' roll man.

Ok anyways, the jogathon was a total blast. Special thanks to Kate for inviting us again and RockHome Instructor Simon for helping me out.

If you are interested in lessons, I would like to invite you to try us out for FREE by clicking HERE or calling us at 888-321-8762.

Check out the pics below :)