Summer RockCamp Launch!

Dear students, parents, siblings, friends, family, and pets,

In case you haven’t heard, RockHome Lessons is throwing our FIRST EVER Summer RockCamp this summer. This is going to be a full week immersion in real life Guitar Hero and Rock Band! Parents have been asking us for YEARS about this… well first they asked about a concert program which we answered with our in-home mini concerts and full production RockShow- speaking about RockShow, we are currently prepping for our 2nd annual RockShow here in Los Angeles on June 2nd- you can get tickets HERE. And second, they wanted a summer music camp, but not just any summer music camp-  a RockHome ROCKSTAR Boot Camp!

Well good news (insert your name here), you asked and we are about to deliver!


As you know before we launch anything RockHome related, we make sure to do extensive research and preparation to make sure whatever it is we’re launching is ROCKSTAR status. A good example of this would be our RockShow concert program. When we were researching what other music schools were doing with their concert programs, we noticed most of them did the EXACT same thing, which was hosting traditional music recitals. This consisted of a bunch of students coming together at a venue and playing songs for a live crowd. That’s it, nothing special. Sounds fun right? Well kinda.. I mean it doesn’t sound bad, but it’s nothing special and it’s been done time and time again.

Now when we threw on our RockShow, we asked one simple question, “How can we take a traditional recital format and put it on steroids so parents and students will remember this event for the rest of their lives?” I don’t want to go into too much detail here but if you’re curious on how our RockShow turned out, you can read all about it in our press release HERE.

OK… now that you know our mentality when it comes to new programs, let’s talk about our Summer Rock Camp.


To sum it up in one sentence, our Summer Rock Camp is most likely going to be THE MOST EXCITING camp your kid will participate in this summer. Bold statement, I know.. but honestly what’s more fun than a full week of live rock n’ roll followed by a killer RockShow for friends and family at the end 

So what exactly is gonna go down in our camp? Our summer rock camp will be a week long immersion in music and excitement. The main focus of the camp is to introduce students in forming and playing with a live band. It is a proven fact that playing with other musicians in a band setting is THE fastest way to learn. In addition to playing with a live band, other activities and classes include:

  • Private/Group Lessons
  • Rock Band Coaching/Stage Presence
  • Music Theory Basics
  • Music Appreciation/Rock N’ Roll History
  • Songwriting Workshops
  • Jam Sessions with other young musicians/chance to meet and make new friends
  • A LIVE Rock Show performance for friends and family on Friday evening!


The most exciting part of our camp will be the live RockShow we will host on Friday evening for friends and family. This is the motivation and main reason why we are throwing these camps- to show off what we learned all week for friends and family in a grand finale RockShow! By the way, the RockShow will be FREE of charge and open to all friends and family.



All in all, we’ve done everything we can to make sure this camp is going to ROCK and make a positive/lasting impact on our students lives- both musically and personally. Also since this is our first camp ever, I will be personally flying out to Denver to oversee the Denver Summer Rock Camp so I hope to see all you Denver Rockers!

CLICK HERE to register for our camp. Space is limited so make sure you secure your spot soon.

IMPORTANT: Like I said, since I let everyone know of the camp a little late (this is because the idea for this whole camp thing came about in early May). the early bird discount has been extended to NEXT Friday May 31st, so make sure you register before then to get our special discounted rate. Rock n roll-