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3 Benefits To Learning A Real Instrument

3 Benefits To Learning A Real Instrument

Hey future Rockstar!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how beneficial it is to learn how to play a REAL instrument. With so many synthetic sounds in music today, it seems that real instruments, like the guitar, piano, and drums, can get lost in the fray of computerized sounds and sampled music.

Much of the music made with computers does not have a unique sound, and takes away from the individual way a human plays an instrument. Musical video games such as guitar hero also take away from the delicacy and artistry it takes to play a finely tuned instrument by making kids simply tap on buttons, never really teaching them how to play outside of the TV screen.

The Challenges Of School And How RockHome Can Help

The Challenges Of School And How RockHome Can Help

Hey Rockstar!

I wanted to write a quick article on this topic because I know recently school has started back up for everyone, and that can be an overwhelming and hectic time for a lot of kids and parents. 

Here at University of Rock we are on a mission, not only to teach kids how to be rockstars when it comes to music, but how to have that rockstar confidence in their everyday lives! I know that when I was a kid I benefited immensely from learning how to play an instrument at a young age. It helped me be disciplined and focused, taught me important teamwork skills, developed my social skills, and most importantly in my opinion, gave me a new sense of confidence. I want to go over a few different points in this email and explain to you how giving your child the opportunity to learn a musical instrument can benefit them in these different areas of life. 

3 Essential Traits Kids Need To Develop At A Young Age

3 Essential Traits Kids Need To Develop At A Young Age

I’ve been teaching guitar and working with kids for quite some time now, and through all these years teaching them how to rock, I’ve noticed a lot of different types of kids. There are those who struggle to those who are instant rock stars, and everything in between. Some are very outgoing and willing to learn, while others are shy and hard to teach. But no matter the type of kid, I’ve come to realize that there are 3 traits that I think are essential for kids to learn at a young age – sharing, willingness to learn, and self-esteem.

Developing And Maintaining A Rockstar Practice Schedule

Questions I get asked ALL THE TIME are:

"How much should I practice every day?"
"When will I be able to play a few songs?"
"What kind of practice schedule/routine do you recommend?"
"How do I get my kid to practice more?"
"I just wanna get good already! What do I need to do??"

The key I've found to developing and really maximizing your learning process is to set aside and dedicate a certain amount of time each day to PRACTICING and then to keep at it on a daily basis.

Twinkle Twinkle I Quit- Story Of An Aspiring Teenage Rockstar

Growing up as a teenager, I always wanted to be "cool".. to fit in, to impress girls.. impress my friends. I mean what teenager doesn't want those things? When I was 13, I asked myself, "What is the one thing I can start doing that will help me in all of these areas?", then it hit me, learn how to play the GUITAR and start a band.