Growing up, Jon was just like any other student. Aspiring to learn the guitar at the age of 13, he took it upon himself to try to learn on his own. After being completely overwhelmed and confused (like most beginners who try to learn on their own), he did what most beginner guitar players do and took up lessons at a local music shop. Disappointed by his first few lesson experiences, he soon quit lessons at the music shop and looked for another Instructor. After going from Instructor to Instructor, he found himself quitting... AGAIN AND AGAIN.

After spending a good amount of time, energy, and money on lessons, he came to realize 3 CRITICAL PROBLEMS in the way he was taught:

1. NO RELATABILITY- He couldn’t relate to his Instructors; most weren’t even into the type of music he was into and if they were, they would still teach him things that he had no interest in learning.

2. LACK OF ORGANIZATION- He felt the lessons had little to no structure, which often times made learning feel overwhelming and all over the place.

3. LACK OF SUPPORT- He didn’t feel a strong connection or sense of support from his Instructors. In addition, when he didn’t have an Instructor, he learned off of instructional books and videos, again getting frustrated and discouraged due to the lack of support.

It all came down to feeling FRUSTRATED.

After taking lessons and quitting with three different Instructors, Jon's fourth Instructor was finally the perfect match. Jon credits him as being his biggest influence growing up both musically and personally and without him wouldn't be the musician he is today.

After so many frustrating lesson experiences, it was such a breath of fresh air to find an Instructor who was into everything I was into on a musical level. Not only was I able to learn all the things I wanted to through a structured curriculum that made sense, but I was able to connect with someone who genuinely seemed to care about my progress as a musician and who wanted to see me succeed. Having that kind of musical mentor and support system made the biggest difference for me.

That’s why I founded this school, RockHome exists so aspiring musicians can be guaranteed personable and quality instruction and support, and not have to go through what I went through starting out.
— Jon K. (Founder)