5 Tips To Keep Piano Practice Fun

Sometimes practicing the piano can get kind of boring, repetitive or hard. I talk to a lot of people learning piano and they always tell me that they “dread practice” but “love playing.” It’s hard to improve your piano playing skills if you enjoy playing, but you can’t get a lot out of your practice routine.

Although easy to start, piano requires a lot of patience, time and effort. I decided to write this article to help you keep practicing fun and entertaining, especially after pounding away scales and chords! 


When you’re practicing scales or chords, it’s easy to get bored or overwhelmed. Whatever key you’re practicing, head on over to YouTube and search up “___Major or ___Minor backing track” and play those chords to recordings of other musicians! Or if you're practicing a particular song, look up "Song Name Piano Backing Track" on YouTube and play along with the song!

Doing this will improve your ability to play with other musicians, either in a band, an orchestra or a jam session. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes while using a jam track, that’s what practicing is all about! 


Sometimes I see friends practicing a song and they keep making the same mistake over and over and eventually they cave or accept the mistake. Don’t give up, but sometimes it’s okay to take a break! Get up and walk around or dive into another activity for five to ten minutes and then come back to the same song. You’d be surprised on how refreshed you feel! 


Do you always start with scales and end with chords? Do you always practice a certain song second or third? Try starting and ending with something different and rearranging your piano practice schedule. When you learn new things, try adding them somewhere in your schedule that you usually wouldn’t! 


It’s exciting when you learn a cool piece or something new on piano, right? Why don’t you show those skills to some of your friends or your family? Most of the time they will be impressed and they might join in with you! If any of your friends or family members are musicians, ask them to join in with you! It’s always a fun experience to play a song with others. 


Is practice just becoming straight up boring? Think of a few of your favorite songs that have piano in them and ask your teacher to teach you that song! This is simply the BEST way to keep piano lessons fun and exciting.

I’ve heard a lot of people say they want to play “Bruno Mars” or “Coldplay” but nobody decides to actually learn it. If you like how it sounds, give it a try! Some of these songs are tough, but don’t get discouraged if it’s hard at first. Things will improve the more you practice! 

You know what they say, practice makes perfect. Give these 5 tips a try and you’ll be one step closer to rocking those keys! And remember, have a great time and don’t give up! 

Lorenzo H. is a RockHome Instructor that specializes in piano, guitar, and voice in Denver, CO. He is a performer and educator that is passionate about spreading awareness on all the positive benefits music has to offer. Lorenzo also contributes to the popular music blog milehimusic.com.


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