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RockHome Founder/CEO Jon Kim Gives Lecture On Entrepreneurship At Musician's Institute

ACS Presents “How to Start and Run Your Own Private Music Lesson Business” with Jon Kim

MI’s Artist and Career Services Department presents “How to Start and Run Your Own Private Music Lesson Business” with Jon Kim.

Jon Kim (Guitar ’10) is the Founder/CEO of RockHome Lessons, a private lesson business that he developed without the help of outside investors into a nationally-recognized brand employing over 20 Instructors in six locations in California, Colorado, Arizona, and South Korea. In this informative seminar, Jon will show you how to develop your own business based on your music education and skills.

RockHome Founder/CEO Jon Kim Success Story On Musician's Institute

Jon Kim (Guitar ’10) who founded private music lesson company RockHome Lessons in 2009, has recently gone international with a new location in Seoul, South Korea joining existing branches in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver and Phoenix. The company provides lessons for students of all levels in-home as well as via Skype. The instructor team in Los Angeles, where the company is headquartered, is composed entirely of MI grads. Jon said, “[We have] the goal of empowering young kids and teens through music by using it as a tool to enhance their own lives and the lives around them. Our trademark ‘ROCK’ curriculum is designed specifically to help kids accelerate and maximize their learning curve while making lessons super fun at the same time.”